Are you looking to integrate micro-location technology into your healthcare facility? The micro-location tracking system and software are gaining enormous popularity for real-time location tracking up to a few meters. At a glance, the technology looks quite similar to GPS but serves a different purpose. Real-time micro-location can be a boon for the healthcare sector in numerous ways.

In the last decade, tracking technology has witnessed a significant advancement. We never knew that we would be able to do the live tracking of our cab or food. The GPS is intrinsically part of our lives; the various applications on our smartphones constantly track our locations. Most hospitals use GPS to keep a live track of the ambulance and other delivery vehicles.

Moving step ahead, the micro-location technology can do real-time tracking of vehicles and various assets up to a few meters or so with pinpoint accuracy. This blog will analyze the top potential utilities of real-time micro-location for the healthcare sector. So, let’s get started.

Accurate Location:

As the name itself suggests, the most significant utility of micro-location technology is to provide an accurate location. At times, reaching a hospital for a patient is a matter of life and death, and any delay can cost the patient’s life. The various products by SmartPoint for real-time micro-location like SmartAddress, MicroMap, and CityPlus can all provide the most accurate location and curtail the time needed to reach a hospital. The driver can also have the parking guidance and get the most convenient parking space without wasting any time, and all of this will add to increasing the efficiency of the healthcare system.

Monitoring of Devices:

The medical equipment and devices are paramount for the patients’ treatment in the hospitals. For instance, a patient might immediately need an oxygen cylinder in an ICU. Likewise, defibrillators are vital to restoring a normal heartbeat. The hospitals can use advanced real-time locations for healthcare by SmartPoint to track the medical devices within the hospital. The administrator can instantly deploy the machine to another patient when not in use and enhance the hospital’s work efficiency.

Data Analysis:

The importance of having accurate data has been proven to be paramount time and again. There are numerous types of data a healthcare industry needs: the data on medicines, machines in the inventory, and the number of patients. The smart micro-location and real-time tracking technologies by the SmartPoint can integrate with many Internet of Things (IoT) devices and technologies and assist in various data gathering and evaluations. Accurate data can help the hospital management formulate the right management plans and make the right decision.

Keep Patients Informed:

Today, most countries have realized the need to have advanced health care infrastructure. Post pandemic, keeping the patients informed about the Covid situation and protocols is paramount. Likewise, when a patient enters the hospital, he can have countless queries about the different sections for the treatment and the doctor’s availability. The Smart Address and Micro-Map and Real-Time Tracking solutions by SmartPoint can play a significant role in keeping patients informed on every aspect related to the hospital. For instance, through the micro-maps, the patient can know where the CT Scan Room is without and its timings.

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