With advancement, consumers today have started to expect more personalized shopping as well as dining experiences. Those experiences are expected to allow individuals to associate with the brands they love. The bottom of this personalization emerges with the need for a lot of location analytics, data, and micro-location services as well.

Consumers want personalized deals when it comes to in-store shopping. People wish to get groceries delivered straight to their doorsteps. They want wayfinding apps so they can navigate retail stores without getting lost. People want every possible thing virtually. All of the mentioned are examples of why in-person experiences have struggled without an efficient and better workflow.

Location Analytics And Retail

Micro-location services for retail and analytics enable the retail sector to bridge a long-existing rift between the online and in-person world. At SmartPoint, we potentially help revive in-person shopping, dining, healthcare, and various other industries. Keep reading to know more about how the new technology has managed to help solve a modern-day dilemma in a retail environment.

Uses Of Location-Based Services

Store Locators: Using location-based technology, the customers of the retail sector can find the location of the nearest retail store quickly. With the advent of location analytics, finding retail stores has become really easy, especially for those who are new to a location.

Proximity-Based Marketing: Local retail companies may send ads only to their customers or prospects within the same geographic location. Location-based mobile data can help enhance local marketing efforts to potential customers in your locality who might act on the information provided to them.

Product Locators: It’s very tough for a retail store manager or staff to remember the exact place of the products. With our micro-location services for retail, you can quickly and effortlessly locate the products kept in the store or the warehouse. When you offer the products instantly without wasting time, you increase customer satisfaction due to your quick services.

Contextual Notifications: When a customer comes into the store, a notification could be made to the staff (sensor that detects people in rooms) so that they can entertain their customers with the best assistance. This way, all your customers will be assisted as soon as they enter the store. No customers will be left without a staff who will attend to them and deliver the products to them.

Parking: You will have many customers who will drive to your store. Managing the parking lot again becomes the responsibility of the store manager. To manage the parking space efficiently, you may employ micro-location services. This way, you can manage all the vehicles in the parking lot so that no chaos is created.

The Bottom Line!

With everyday advancement, the retail sector has improved to a great extent. Moreover, with so many companies coming up with various micro-location services for retail, the real struggle of the retail sector has almost ended. The possibilities are endless. And we at StartPoint are striving our best to unleash more potential. We are here to furnish you with the best for your retail store.