The Smartest Way to Go®

SmartPoint is transforming the new “Last Mile” economy for deliveries, rideshare, and AVs with our multi-patented “Last Meter” 2D and 3D “to the door” AI and Voice-enabled SaaS platform that eliminates the layers and friction between users seeking real-time micro-location (RTML) information, products and services and the adjacent providers.



Smart Buildings

Connected Infrastructure



Reduces the frustration and friction of consumers seeking immediate access to accurate, real-time, micro-location information and nearby products and services.

Save Time and Money

Precise pinpoint location information and routing for deliveries, rideshare, navigation, and nearby products and services.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

SmartPoint’s Greener Address™ systems will reduce 10’s of millions of pounds of CO2 emissions annually by providing near-perfect directions and wayfinding.


Safety and Security

SmartPoint enables you to verbally share your exact room or other location in an emergency.

Data and Business Intelligence

SmartPoint generates millions of valuable data points for both business and artificial intelligence.


SmartPoint’s unique real-time permission based privacy system provides unmatched privacy controls to our users.

Why Use Smartpoint?

SmartPoint Is Fast and Easy

One step, instant access to nearby information, services, and communications to elevate your employee, customer, and visitor experiences.

SmartPoint Is Precise

SmartPoint gets its real-time, micro-location information directly from the business, together with our exclusive 1M® Voice Pin technology to capture and share precise location information. It’s convenient and will save everyone time, money, fuel/emissions and help the planet.

SmartPoint Is Universal

SmartAddress® shortcodes provide a universal location reference For every SmartPoint location, and enables users to access real-time, micro-location information, services, and communications from a familiar, trusted source so they have fast, and easy direct connections to your locations and brand.

Increase ROI and elevate your employee and visitor experiences in all your marketing channels.

We know users love SmartPoint and want every grand and location to use SmartPoint to make their lives more convenient and help save time, money, fuel/emissions and the planet. Well, good news… Now you can add SmartPoint to all of your marketing channels and increase your ROI. SmartPoint lets your ready-to-buy and brand driven customers instantly find your products and services, store and retail locations, social media and other information to make their visits fast and frictionless. Users get all the benefits of SmartPoint, and you get more direct traffic at a lower cost by avoiding the Google gauntlet. To learn more about all the benefits of SmartPoint®, email us for a free trial at [email protected]